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Lewis & Clark Parkway

JTL provided survey, design, and specifications for the construction of approximately 8800’ of widening, patching and a structural overlay. Former S.R. 131 (renamed Lewis & Clark Parkway) was widened from a rural four-lane road with shoulders to an urban six-lane road with raised medians with landscaping in some sections. Improvements also included curb and gutter, sidewalks, decorative street lighting and landscaping behind the sidewalks on both sides. The road serves as a main arterial to existing shopping malls and commercial property. Dual left-turn lanes were added at the Green Tree Blvd. intersection, the most congested location along the corridor. Nine traffic signals were modernized and two new traffic signals were installed. The existing signals were converted to mast arms and poles to match the color of the new decorative street lighting. The signal system incorporates a radio-controlled system with remote access for maintaining proper synchronization of the system. Overhead sign structures were also installed at three locations using mono-tubes and poles that match the traffic signals. Side ditches were enclosed with new storm sewer systems. The existing concrete pavement required substantial full-depth patching prior to being resurfaced. All construction was accomplished while maintaining access to through traffic by using multiple stages of construction. The project required permanent and/or temporary right-of-way acquisition from 25 property owners.

  • JTL Engineers Project Lewis & Clark Parkway
  • Lewis and Clark Parkway JTL project
  • JTL Engineers Project Lewis & Clark Parkway
  • JTL Engineers Project Lewis & Clark Parkway
  • JTL Engineers Project Lewis & Clark Parkway

Project Details


Clarksville Redevelopment

Project Location

Clarksville, IN

Services Provided
  • Design Services
  • Bridge Design
  • Streetscapes
  • Traffic Engineering